alertă ecologică

Probabil că s-au folosit substanţe interzise pentru dezăpezirea drumurilor. Că doar traficul e mai important ca viaţa oamenilor!

“Bucharest inhabitants and especially those who love snow, have real concern reasons after the Institute of Food Research announced that the snow contains several heavy metals, Antena 3 informs.

Lead, nitrates and nitrites. This is what the snow in the Capital contains, according to the researchers. This is all the more concerning as the quantities can seriously harm the health of the inhabitants, if the snow is ingested .

According to the specialists, the substances can influence people’s health several decades from now on. The most concerning alarm signal is yet the presence of DDT in the snow in Bucharest, a pesticide forbidden 20 years ago.

Some ecological organizations say that DDT reached the Capital once the roof of a warehouse stocking this substance was taken off. The warehouse is located on Transilvania motorway. The dangerous substance entered the water table and then the rivers. The water raised these substances in the air through evaporation and they were brought into the cities through precipitation”.


Şi ne mai mirăm că avem toţi migrene.

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